Stagefrights Games are to die for... & our Murder Mysteries will slay you!

You are invited! Step into engaging, immersive role play and let our games up your game! Superb quality, fabulously illustrated, thoughtfully designed UK produced games.

The Perfect Murder...

Our Games Up Your Game!

Dastardly Deals!

Welcome to Offingham Manor, where a dastardly murder has been committed. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our timeless wine estate... Get dramatic with role-play, apply your intuition and detection skills to identify the guilty!

Cluedunnit - Life Skills and Fun All in One!

From Job-seeking to Weddings, as the world becomes more digital, face-to-face networking remains a vital skill for building meaningful relationships in both personal and professional settings. Cluedunnit games are perfect to help people make new connections - especially relevant now where people lack experience of real world interaction.

Themed Events

On a variety of themes, all our mysteries are specially tailored to fit the event type, group size, time of day, venue and any other requirements. We are proud to partner with premier establishments across Essex, be it country house hotels, family-friendly restaurants and tea-rooms or gastropubs/craft breweries.

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