Maria Redman


A bit about me….

I always felt drawn to be creative, leaving school a year early at age 15 to go to art school.

Trained, as I was, in another age, (not quite stone tablets, but certainly low-tech and pre-digital – actual pencils and paper), it was inconceivable with my self-critical perfectionist approach, that I could ever make graphic design a career or survive in the world of graphic art where speed seemed to be everything. In those days, I just took too long to come up with the perfect concept and the perfect execution of it. Therefore, in parallel with the creative work, I qualified in technical legal and management based fields and as a mature student graduated with a MSc in 2001. I went into consultancy, where I made a decent living. All that time I still made cards for friends, gifts at Christmas, posters and publicity for my consultancy business and to support the local groups and charities which I remain involved with to this day.

At some point during the “consultancy years”, my graphic arts world suddenly expanded with new potential when computer graphics came along and I knuckled down to teach myself Photoshop. A world of wonder and possibility opened and my skills and experience increased. I remain endlessly curious and fascinated by the rapidly evolving, awe-inspiring creativity which is now possible using digital and hybrid methods.

The pandemic was a time of re-assessment and led to a positive reversal in direction toward the creative side of my career which for me, has always been where ultimate job satisfaction lies.

Partnering with my oldest friend has been a revelation and has disciplined my approach to become project based and collaborative. We dovetail together and complement each others strengths perfectly.

None of us is standing still – we are all about to take the next step (ready or not), and in moving ahead, it’s my sincere hope that the products and service we provide will educate and entertain in equal measure. As a wise person said:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”

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