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Murder Mysteries are a great way to celebrate!

Stagefrights Murder Mysteries is owned and run by Clare Gibson Giraud.

We know that most people looking at murder mystery entertainments want to have fun, and a laugh with friends as well as enjoying the banter with each other and and the Actors whilst also still having the opportunity to test themselves by solving a real mystery…. Our aim therefore is to maximise fun, provide original, top quality plots,catering and venues so that guests can have be sure of a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Clare Gibson Giraud (Actor-Manager)

Growing up in Essex, home to numerous am-dram groups and the University (2nd in the 2019 league guide for drama and dance), Clare has been involved in theatre since the age of 7.

After a BA in Drama with French from Bristol University, she moved to Bordeaux where she lived for over 35 years. As well as acting, she has written and directed five comedies in French, as well as many items for special events.

Clare has co-created numerous professional scenario-based training events for international consultants, in both English and French, as part of a US-funded development project based in Arlington, VA. Now back in Essex, she is continuing to make Stagefrights Murder Mysteries the “go-to” events for lovers of good food and wines paired with piquant puzzles, cracking clues and spicy solutions….

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