Cluedunnit – Career Building, Confidence Boosting, Amazingly Engaging… From job-seeking genius to brilliant business networking and wonderful weddings – we’ve got you covered!

As the world becomes more digital, face-to-face networking and socializing still remain vital components for building meaningful relationships in both personal and professional settings. The Cluedunnit game is a perfect tool to help people break the ice and make new connections especially useful in today’s world where people tend to lack experience of real world interaction.

Cluedunnit is a card-based game providing a fun and foolproof way to take the misery out of mingling. Cluedunnit is a clever way for a group of people who previously did not know each other to “break the ice” and enjoy meeting each other. By presenting the group with a fun, light-hearted scenario: “Who did the deed,” this clue gathering game encourages former strangers to approach each other easily, helping to ensure any event starts in a fun and friendly way and making a memorable occasion. Choose from a variety of plot scenarios developed to suit the needs of wedding / engagement parties, business network meetings, youth education, job seekers and many other situations where strangers are meeting for the first time.

Cluedunnit works by:

  • Eliminating difficulties in approaching strangers and starting conversations
  • Removing social anxiety or discomfort in social situations
  • Enhancing events which often have limited opportunities to network and build relationships with new people
  • Avoiding the boredom associated with some social / networking events.

Cluedunnit can:

  • Help to “break the ice” and make it easier to approach strangers and start useful / enjoyable conversations
  • Provide a fun and enjoyable way to socialize, even for those who feel anxious or uncomfortable in social situations
  • Provide a unique and engaging experience for networking and building relationships with new people
  • Make social and networking events more entertaining and memorable, providing a way to bond have fun and help forge lasting connections with others.

Cluedunnit packs contain 30 clue cards – distribute amongst guests / attendees according to numbers (eg: 1 clue per couple or per table). Full guide included to ensure your event starts effortlessly and positively.

Packs available include:

A valuable antique cakestand has gone missing. Who took it and why? Collect the clues and pinpoint the guilty party!

Optional Wedding package available which includes special cards personalised with bride and groom name to act as a lasting memento of your special day.


A VIP’s smartphone has vanished. Find out why and who is behind the smartphone snatch by unearthing clues about shady suspects and putting 2 and 2 together….

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