Dastardly Deals presents: Wining and Dying, the role playing game for wine enthusiasts, murder mystery afficionados and all with aspirations to be charming, charismatic and irresistibly devious!

Immerse yourself in the wine world and become a memorable character starring in the timeless parallel world of Offingham Manor… where the sun shines, the vines grow, and harvest never ends…. this is a game of skill, ingenuity and persuasion. Great fun for all and encouraging some great back stories. If you don’t already have the “gift of the gab” this game will put your verbal persuasion skills on steriods.

Dastardly Deals Games to Die for….!

Based on authentic in-depth knowledge of the wine producing industry – the co-creator of our dark dramedy spent many years working for a number of wine producers and has intimate knowledge of the character types and the mechanics involved….

This is a game which designed to be replayed with different combinations of motives, means and opportunity. Each time you re-enter the world of Offingham Manor you bring increased skills to the party and up your game…

Subtle skills can be employed to get others to spill the beans or unintentionally give away vital information…

Players can access advanced techniques for information gathering via our website and so increase their opportunity for success. Downloadable certificates are also available via our website for the smart and the sneaky who successfully detect the guilty character or succeed in escaping justice!

What’s Included:

The Offingham Manor Setting Grid – made up of:

12 super-size cards which form the Offingham Manor Setting Grid. The Grid features detailed watercolour illustrations which provide setting information including: a topview illustration of the Manor House ground floor layoutAn overview of the Manor house and its surroundingsA map showing routes and relative locationsAn incident Report giving details of the investigation preliminary findings8 locations relevant to the investigation…..

Once assembled, the Offingham Manor Setting Grid measures 594mm x 420mm (16.5 x 23.4 inches).

Also included:

  • 8 Number decision cardsAvatar cards – choose who you’d like to represent you in the game… a choice of 16 different looks included
  • Card stands for the avatar cards
  • Timeline and Relationship diagram – what happened and when / how the characters relate to each other.
  • Verdict cards – allocate the guilt, then hide it!
  • Character detail cards – giving the “legend” basis for each character – 7 starring characters
  • Opportunity cards – 7 places you could have been….
  • Motive Cards – 7 compelling reasons why you might have wanted to “off” the victim….
  • Playbook – How to play the game….
  • Detectives casenotes – (confidential….?!)

The Dastardly Downlow About Us…

Upping your game is who we are….

We are game enthusiasts and designers with a passion for enhancing connections between people. Our games are smart, savvy and downright delightful.

We’ve pulled out all the stops to provide

Enjoyable “dramedy” (combining slightly dark comedy with dramatic role-play)
High quality artwork
Brilliantly Adaptable, Entertaining and Re-playable plots

Its all dastardly good fun…. and we’ve also woked extremely hard to make a product which is ethical, sustainable and supportive of UK small businesses like ourselves. Our card suppliers are a brilliant UK business with audited quality and environmental standards certifications, making FSC certified products.

All cards are CE and UKCA certified as safe. Buy in the Confident knowledge that you are working with forward thinking, ethical people that care about the environment and the future.

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