Another mysterious brain bending, mind melting but good fun game. No murders involved but it certainly fits our ethos of “upping your game” by honing observational and memory skills. Also multi-purpose – any way you can use a postcard, use these….

SQUARE-IT! and also the extension set is available to purchase. Click the links below to see the Game and extension set.

Square-it! Game

Extension postcard set.

If you already have your SQUARE-IT! pack there is a score-sheet pdf file download for you on this page. This can be printed out as many times as you like to record the scores you rack up in the game. Alternatively, copy the format onto note paper if printing is not available. Also there is a link to a pdf key to the scoring items on the extension set which can be downloaded if you own the extension postcards….

SQUARE-IT! Score Sheet

Key Sheet for Extension Postcards

Other ways to Use these postcards…

Use your Square-it! postcards to play alone or with friends.
I love useful things so the Square-it! cards are multi-purpose – if you’ve finished playing Square-it! you can use the cards to send to your friends (10 lovely silver envelopes are included), keep your place in a book, display on the fridge or even write a note…

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